Our Alcatel frp and imei repair service for all Alcatel models and most of models of Alcatel imei repair. 2017/2018/2019 android 7/8/9 all security patch supported.

Alcatel supported models for frp and imei repair / network unlock :

  • OT-4034A, OT-4034D, OT-4034E, OT-4034F, OT-4034G, OT-4034X, OT-4047D, OT-4047X, OT-4049D, OT-4049X, OT-4055Q, OT-4060A, OT-4060O, OT-4060W, OT-5003D, OT-5009D, OT-5010D, OT-5010E, OT-5010G, OT-5010U, 5010S, OT-5010X, OT-5011A, OT-5012F, OT-5012G, OT-5015A, OT-5015D, OT-5015X, OT-5016A, OT-5016J, OT-5017A, OT-5017B, OT-5017D, OT-5017E, OT-5017G, OT-5017O, OT-5017W, OT-5017X, OT-5018D, OT-5019D, OT-5022D, OT-5023F, OT-5025D, OT-5025E, OT-5025G, OT-5026D, OT-5026J, OT-5033A, OT-5033D, OT-5041D, OT-5044A, OT-5044D, OT-5044G, OT-5044R, OT-5044S, OT-5044T, OT-5044Y, OT-5045T, OT-5045A, OT-5045D, OT-5045F, OT-5045G, OT-5045I, OT-5045J, OT-5045Y, OT-5045X, OT-5046G, OT-5046I, OT-5047D, OT-5049W, OT-5051A, OT-5051D, OT-5051J, OT-5051M, OT-5051T, OT-5051X, OT-5052D, OT-5154A, OT-5052Y, OT-5054A, OT-5054D, OT-5054N, OT-5054O, OT-5054S, OT-5054T, OT-5054W, OT-5054X, OT-5056A, OT-5056E, OT-5056I, OT-5056N, OT-5056O, OT-5059A, OT-5059Y, OT-5065D, OT-5065N, OT-5058A, OT-5058I, OT-5058J, OT-5058T, OT-5058Y, OT-5059D, OT-5070D, OT-5080X, OT-5085C, OT-5085D, OT-5085O, OT-5095I, OT-5095K, OT-5095Y, OT-5098O, OT-5099A, OT-5099D, OT-5099Y, OT-5158A, OT-6039A, OT-6039H, OT-6039J, OT-6039K, OT-6039S, OT-6039Y, OT-6044D, OT-6045F, OT-6045O, OT-6045I, OT-6055B, OT-6055K, OT-6055U, OT-6058D, OT-6058X, OT-6060C, OT-6070O, OT-6070K, OT-6070Y, OT-7048X, OT-7049D, OT-7070F, OT-8050D, OT-8050E, OT-8050G, OT-8063, OT-8067, OT-8082, OT-9001A, OT-9001D, OT-9001I, OT-9001X, OT-9003A, OT-9003X, OT-9007X, OT-9008D, OT-9010X, OT-9015B, OT-9015J, OT-9015Q, OT-9024W, OT-9203A