Our Asus frp and imei repair service for all lg models and most of models of Asus  imei repair. 2017/2018/2019 android 7/8/9 all security patch supported.

Asus frp and imei repair service already tested in below models:

  • A001, A002, A007, A009, P00A, P00C, P00J, P008, P024, P027, P028, X00DD, X00HD, X00GD, X00ID, X00LD, X00LDA, X00RD, X00QD, X007D, X008, X008D, X008DA, X008DB, X008DC, X014D, X015D, X017D, X017DA, X018D, Z00L, Z00LD, Z00SD, Z00UD, Z00UDA, Z00UDB, Z00VD, Z00W, Z00WD, Z01BD, Z01BDA, Z01BDB, Z01BDC, Z01FD, Z01HD, Z01MD, Z01BS, Z01QD, Z010D, Z010DA, Z011D, Z012D, Z012DA, Z012DB, Z012DC, Z012DE, Z017D, Z017DA, Z017DB, ZB555KL