Our Blu frp and imei repair service for all lg models and most of models of Blu  imei repair. 2017/2018/2019 android 7/8/9 all security patch supported.

Our Blu frp and imei repair service tested on below models:

  • A200, A250, Advance 4.0 L3, Advance 5.5 HD, Advance A5, Advance A6, Advance A7, C5 LTE, C5X, C6L, D500, D600, Dash X, Dash XL, G110Q, Diamond M, Energy Diamond, Energy M, Energy X, Energy XL, Grand M3, Grand X, Grand X LTE, Grand XL, Grand XL LTE, Energy X Plus 2, Grand 5.5 HD, Grand 5.5 HD II, Grand M, Grand M2, Grand M2 LTE, L0090, Life Max, Life One X2 Mini, Neo X Mini, Neo X Plus, Neo X2, Pure View, R2 LTE, S490U, S570Q, Studio G2, Studio G3, Studio G Mini, Studio G HD LTE, Studio G4, Studio 7.0 LTE, Studio C HD, Studio C 8 Plus 8 LTE, Studio G HD, Studio G Plus, Studio J2, Studio J5, Studio J8, Studio J8 LTE, Studio J8M, Studio M LTE, Studio M5, Studio M5 Plus, Studio M5 Plus LTE, Studio M6, Studio M6 LTE, Studio Mega LTE, Studio One, Studio One Plus, Studio Pro, Studio Selfie, Studio Selfie 2, Studio Selfie Lite, Studio Touch, Studio View, Studio X Mini, Studio XL 2, Studio X5 (S390U), Studio X8 HD, Tank Xtreme 4.0, Tank Xtreme 5.0, Tank Xtreme Pro, Touchbook M7, Touchbook M7 Pro, V050, Vivo 5, Vivo 6, Vivo Go, Vivo ONE, Vivo One Plus, Vivo One Plus 2019, Vivo S, Vivo XL