Our Dexp frp and imei repair service for all Dexp models and most of models of Dexp imei repair. 2017/2018/2019 android 7/8/9 all security patch supported.

Dexp supported models for google account lock frp and imei repair / network unlock :

  • A150, B140, B145, B340, B350, B355, B450, BL250, BS150, BS155, BS250, BS550, BS650, G150, G253, G255, G355, GL355, H170, Ixion ES1050,Ixion ES355, Ixion ES550, Ixion ES650, Ixion G155, Ixion M545, Ixion ML150, Ixion ML245, Ixion ML350, Ixion ML450, Ixion MS350, Ixion P350, Ixion Z150, M450, ML250, N470, P280, S169, S270, S370, X150, Z250, Z255, Z355, Z455