Our Lenovo frp and imei repair service for all Lenovo models and most of models of Leagoo imei repair. 2017/2018/2019 android 7/8/9 all security patch supported.

Supported models for Lenovo google account lock frp and imei repair / network unlock :

  • A1000, A1010a20, A2010 (A2010-a), A2016b31, A2016a40, A2020a40, A6020a40, A6020A41, A6020a46, A6020l36, A6020l37, A6020A40, A6020a41 MSM8936, A6600a40, A6600d40, A7000-a, A7010a48, A7020a40, A7020a48, A7-30DC, A7700, A8-50LC
  • K10a40, K10e70, K33a48, K33b36, K350t, K50a40, K50-t5, K50-t3s, K520, K52e78, K52t38, K52t58, K53a48, K33a42
  • L18021, L38011, L78031
  • MSM8929
  • P1a41, P1a42, P1c58, P1c72, P1ma40, P1mc50, P2a42, P2c72, P70-A, PB1-750M, PB1-750N, PB2-650M, PB2-650Y
  • S1a40, S1La40, S1c50
  • TB-X705F, TB-7304I, TB-7504X, TB-7304F Wi-Fi, TB-7304X, TB-8304F, TB-8504F, TB-8504x, TB-8703X, TB-X103F, TB-X304X, TB-X304F, TB-X304L, TB2-X30F, TB2-X30L, TB-X704V, TB3-710I, TB3-730F, TB3-730M, TB3-730X, TB3-850F, TB3-X70F
  • X3a40, X3c50, X3c70, XT1902-1, XT1902-3
  • YT-X703L, YT3-X50L, YT3-X50M
  • Z2131, Z2132, Z90a40